We operate safe and dependable equipment and our drivers are knowledgeable horse people with over 35 years of experience. References are available.  See what other clients have to say .

  • Over 25 years experience handling horses
  • Box stalls and layovers are available
  • Regular routine stops are made every 3-4 hrs to feed and water
  • Nationwide service, including Canada.
  • Local trucking also available.
*Booking now for the annual winter "migration" to Florida.
*We also offer trailerload rates for farms needing to get to National Competitions.
Thank you for considering us for your transport needs. 
**We can now accept Visa and Mastercard payments through Paypal.  To make a Paypal payment click here.
**For a printable copy of the transport agreement, click here. You may return to this page by using your browser's back button.

General Manager, East Coast Equine Transport

Pat Thompson
East Coast Equine Transport
Reg. Paints & Quarter Horses

23 David Drive
York, ME 03909
























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